Arnold Lodge School, Leamington Spa

David Preston, Head of School at Arnold Lodge, Leamington Spa

I am delighted to welcome you to the Arnold Lodge School website. Here you will gain an insight into our friendly school community, where pupils receive an outstanding education. At Arnold Lodge, we believe that every child should be happy, valued for their strengths and confident in their own abilities. Our experience is that only when a pupil is happy and self-assured are they able to make the most outstanding progress in all areas. Our belief in the importance of happiness and well-being is central to all that we do as a school.

Pupils should be given the opportunity to grow and develop in an educational environment where they feel happy, where they know they are valued and where they know that’s it is ok to have a go without fear of failure – only then can a child truly fulfill their potential. At Arnold Lodge, our focus on the happiness of children is not at the expense of academic achievement; in fact, it’s the opposite – we stress the importance of the happiness of all of our children because it is the key to achievement (whether that comes in academics, sports or extra-curricular activities).

Our recent ISI report (January 2016) found that pupils at Arnold Lodge receive excellent teaching, excellent pastoral care and that the quality of our pupils’ achievements and learning is also excellent. Excellent teaching and examination results is not enough, though – we believe in being more than an ‘examination factory’. As such, all of our pupils are given opportunity for “excellent” (ISI, 2016) spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and we continuously look to innovate in our pedagogy and curriculum to ensure that we give a broad and well-rounded educational experience. Your child deserves an exceptional education and that is what we strive for.

We offer boys and girls aged from 4 to 18 years old an outstanding education in the heart of Warwickshire. If you are curious about the opportunity our school could offer your child, come and see us! I would be delighted to show you around Arnold Lodge and introduce you to our school.

David Preston
Head of School

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