The Lower School curriculum is varied and stimulating with a strong emphasis on embedding the core strands while providing challenge and enjoyment.

Love of learning

We build on a child’s natural enthusiasm, excitement and spirit of enquiry to instil a love of learning and ensure they achieve their full potential. Our pupils experience the joy of aiming high and the satisfaction of achievement, both academically and in other areas of the school both within and outside of the classroom.

Small class sizes

Small class sizes and an inherently flexible approach mean we don’t follow a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach; each child can be set individual challenges according to their needs, interests and abilities.

Learn responsibility

They are taught to take on responsibility for their own actions and their environment not only through the curriculum, but also through their daily interactions, and their teachers leading by example.

When they start

Children join the Reception class in the September following their fourth birthday. Some will come directly from our Little Lodge Nursery, and others will join us from alternative nurseries or directly from home.

Creative classrooms

The Reception classes are bright, airy spaces for children to explore, create, investigate and play. In addition to the Early Years Curriculum, pupils enjoy French and music lessons. Weekly PE sessions are supplemented by swimming lessons during the summer term.

Variety of activities

Reception children are inspired to widen their interests through a variety of clubs including ballet, tap, karate, football, tennis, and origami.

There is also a busy calendar of school events including sports days, music concerts and plays, book weeks, charity days, Christmas concerts and themed days.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are housed in the Alkerton building and enjoy their own playground and outside space.

In Year 1, learning of the core curriculum in the mornings is supported by less formal afternoon sessions. More structured teaching of the curriculum is gradually increased, with children being taught the full range of curriculum subjects by Year 2.

In Year 3, children move on to the main school buildings where they are housed in purpose-built modern classrooms.

For Year 3 &4 they continue to have a class form tutor, who provides excellent pastoral care as well as academic support, for much of the day. But at this stage they will also begin further extend the repertoire of lessons with specialist teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects.

In Year 5 this is further extended to include Food Technology and Art.

Year 6 pupils are taught what is, essentially, a secondary-style curriculum, with specialist subject teaching throughout the day. This helps to prepare pupils for the secondary curriculum and identify and promote each child’s unique talents and interests whilst developing independence. This planning helps ensure a seamless transition into senior school and the next Key Stage.

Pastoral care

Alongside this, the class form tutor retains the vital role of academic and pastoral mentor, and is the first point of contact for both pupil and parent.

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